What we do

SVS advise to among others management of enterprises, cooperative  associations, investors and investment funds, social institutions and high-wealth individuals.

To assist  our international corporate clients we have extensive experience in the field of mergers and take-overs, private equity, which includes setting up investment funds, (international)  restructuring, conversion proceedings and  employee participation  plans.

Furthermore, we  can offer advice on all fiscal and legal aspects of cross-border employment.

We offer advice with respect to  business matters such as corporate income tax,  wage tax and social security contributions, turnover tax, dividend tax and other  withholding taxes as well as personal tax, taxes such as gift tax, inheritance tax, transfer tax an income tax.

We also prepare tax returns.

We can also assist you with respect to horizontal supervision issues  and drawing up of a Tax Control Framework (TCF).  Our office  believes  in good consultation and persuasion through  reasoning. This does not imply that there could not be irreconcilable differences of opinion. In such cases  we can fall back on  our experience in conducting  objection and appeal proceedings.

Mergers and acquisitions

We advise you on all tax aspects related to mergers and acquisitions, both nationally and internationally. We also play a coordinating role in mergers and acquisitions.

Financial structuring

Business and investment across borders may lead to significant adverse tax costs. Structuring these activities keeps these tax costs as low as possible.

Real estate

Topics such as transfer tax, VAT and the choice of financing are issues that we discuss regarding real estate investments, both nationally and internationally.

Tax procedures

We advise you on the design of your tax administration, taking into account audits by the tax authorities. We also guide you in the conduct of any defense.

Transfer pricing

We give advice on transfer pricing and guide your company concerning all fiscal steps. You will benefit from our extensive knowledge and international experience.

Global Mobility

Our Global Mobility department advises employers and employees on cross-border employment issues which includes income tax, wage tax withholding obligations, social security, pension, 30% ruling etc.

30% ruling

SvS have concluded an agreement with the tax authorities, which allows SvS  to decide independently if an  employee is entitled to 30% ruling. This agreement saves time and administrative paperwork, since the 30% in this way can usually be obtained within 5 working days.

Corporate practice national and international

In a world that is getting smaller, differences between national and international practice are fading. To have knowledge of the EU law and convention law is a must for the proactive consultant, not only  with respect to  turnover tax  but also regarding corporate income tax.

In our practice we offer advice to a diversity  of branches with  distinctly different needs. We advise clients  active in retail business, technology, real estate, the media, chemical companies, installation and project development,  but also museums, medical institutions,  institutions of public utility and international institutes.

Issues can be, mergers, acquisitions, finance structures, fiscal unity, innovation box and the like, but also general exemption of corporate income tax as regards foundations and associations as applications of the expenditure provision for cultural organisations. Even documentation of transactions within a group of companies and motivation of transfer pricing is no longer merely an international matter, in the same way as the  question of substantial shareholding is no longer only a national issue. Acquisitions, mergers, demergers and the consequential  financings can be considered to be an international or merely national tax matter. The same applies to setting up or demerging  investment structures  irrespective of whether a  limited partnership (CV) was used.

In the international field  the EC Directives play an important part as well as  the extensive network of international  tax treaties and investment treaties in which the Netherlands are involved, which also shows our international focus and importance. Structuring via the Netherlands may yield advantages in various fields such as tax free  repatriation of profits via the Netherlands by applying the participation exemption, but also the  minimalisation of withholding tax on dividends, interest and royalties (often to nil) and the possibility of having agreement in advance by concluding a tax ruling  with the Dutch Tax Authorities.

It goes without saying that we also advise on structuring of enterprises in all stages, from start to finish, business successions as well as the entrepreneur himself as regards his tax planning, estate planning, retirement provision etc. As to family offices we can offer the whole package or just offer the extra knowhow upon request.

The tax return is the starting point of the advice and the end. We are also happy to prepare tax returns for company and director/shareholder.

SvS and De Vreede Advocaten

Advising expats and their employers forms an important part of our services. Therefore we have recently concluded a strategic alliance with De Vreede Advocaten. De Vreede Advocaten is one of the top offices in the Netherlands with respect to immigration law.

This alliance allows us to offer a complete pallet of services in the field of cross-border employment. This involves the relevant work and residence permits, personal public service numbers, highly skilled migrants, 30% arrangements, payroll, tax and social security advice in case of immigration and emigration, (international) wage tax and social security contributions, optimalisation of remuneration structures.