In-depth theoretical fiscal knowledge and many years of experience in the advisory field  is our  basis.

Our strength lies in substantive quality, speed of response and practical advice.

We have gained our experience with the Tax Inspectorate, Ministry of Finance and the Big 4 Companies and of course in in our own company. Our practice has both a strong national basis and a flourishing international  portfolio.

Wealthy private individuals, listed companies and non-profit organisations are among our clients.

We work together with specialists in all kinds of fields in order to be able to offer all aspects of fiscal, financial and legal services.

We believe that  we are better able to provide  advice in our smaller organization in a more efficient way than before and that we (with our partners) can provide fast a qualitatively high and price competitive  product. Our good relationship with the Tax Administration  is a contributive factor hereto.

We assist our clients in all aspects of the tax law, which may vary  from preparing tax returns to fully supervising a(n) (international) reorganization or merger, a first branch or secondment of personnel.

We speak and write fluently English, French and German.